Passcodes protect everything inside your phone. Your personal notes, SNS accounts, and especially your gallery. You want to ensure that your phone and files keep their privacy, so you set up a passcode. If you want to go even further, there’s a discreet app that offers extra file protection!

Install Secret Calculator – Fake Vault & Private Storage

“Secret Calculator” is a file storage application that keeps your photos, videos, and passwords safe. They are kept in a simple calculator app icon, which can be unlocked by entering a special password! Sneaky, right?

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Secret Calculator - Fake Vault & Private Storage

Secret Calculator – Fake Vault & Private Storage
Developed by : Raman Kupryanchyk




Set Up your Secret Calculator

As soon as you install Secret Calculator, you can set up a password to open your private storage.

  1. Tap   to launch the app.
  2. Read the instructions, and then tap “I UNDERSTAND”.

  3. Type a passcode.

And then press “%”.

  • You may use up to nine (9) numbers for your passcode. You can also make use of the “+/-” and “.” for negatives and decimals.
  1. Confirm by retyping your passcode


And tap “%” again.


  • You have set up a password!

Get Inside the Secret Calculator!

Now that you’ve got a password to the app, it’s like you have your own vault now! Try it out and start enjoying the app’s features with these easy steps:

  1. Type your password.

  1. Tap the % sign.

  1. You’re in!

Explore the App

The app has a simple interface. The moment you’re in, you will see the five main tabs and that’s about it! Check them out and see what you can do with the app.


If you’ve got some photos that you think might need extra special protection, you can keep them in your Secret Calculator!


If you want to make calls to people without leaving a trace in your call logs, you can enter their contact details in your Secret Calculator!


With Secret Calculator, you can now browse the Internet anonymously! Visiting websites through this app will save your phone some internal memory.


Are you convinced of the extra security of Secret Calculator? There’s even more! You can keep a list of your passwords in Secret Calculator to help you keep track of your SNS accounts!


Do you want to change your lock type? Adjust your settings and turn your Secret Calculator into a regular secret vault, and still keep the subtle calculator icon!

Tap “Security” and select Alphabetical, Numerical, or Calculator. If you don’t want any password at all, you can choose None.


Create a Secret Photo Album

  1. Go to the Photos tab.

  1. Create a new album.

  1. Enter album name and tap “OK”.

  • You have created a secret photo album!

  1. Go to your new secret photo album and press the Add Photo button.

  1. Select “Take Photo/Video”.

  • You may also select “Choose Existing Photo/Video”.

And allow the app to access your camera.

  1. Snap a photo!

  1. Take a video!

  • You have added secret photo and video in your secret photo album!

Save Secret Contacts

  1. Go to the Contacts tab.

  2. Create a new contact.

  1. Save the contact details.

  • Input the name, contact number, and other available information.


  • You just added your first secret contact!

Use a Secret Browser

  1. Go to the Browser tab.

  1. Visit a website or search for a certain topic.

  • You now have trackless Internet access!

Save your Passwords

  1. Go to the Passwords tab.

  2. Create a new password entry.

  1. Enter the necessary details, and tap “Save”.

  • Input a title, username, password, website, and notes!
  • You have created a new item in your password list!

A Calculated Way to Keep your Files Safe!

Secret Calculator couldn’t get any better! Now your photos, videos, and contacts are protected to the next level. Even your browsing history is kept safe, thanks to incognito Internet browsing! More importantly, this app can help you remember your passwords by keeping a list.

All these are offered by just one app! You can rest assured that nobody will access your private files. They wouldn’t even guess they’re all behind a calculator…