You can find hundreds of wallpaper apps online and all of them will promise you the same thing: to give you great wallpapers. You want something different, don’t you? Live wallpapers aren’t new anymore, but WOW Pixel – Live Wallpapers surely takes it to another level!

All the wallpapers are made of pixels! They’re absolutely adorable and unique. And aside from the different categories, the app also allows you to send Pixels to your friends!


WOW Pixel- Live Wallpapers

WOW Pixel- Live Wallpapers
Developed by : Irina Ershov

Save and Set a Pixel Live Wallpaper!

Ready to have the liveliest and the most colorful, pixelated screen? Follow these easy steps:

1. View a Pixel live wallpaper and tap the Download button.

2. Select “Save Live Photo”.

    • Allow the app to have access to your photos.

3. View the live image in your gallery and press the Export button.

4. Select “Use as Wallpaper”.

5. Choose “Live Photo” and tap “Set”.

6. Press “Set Both”.

    • You may also set the live wallpaper as “Lock Screen” or “Home Screen” instead.
    • Pixel live wallpaper has been set!

Bonus feature

Aren’t these pixelated characters so adorable? Aside from your screen, you can also see them in your messages!

1. Compose a new message and select “WOW Pixel – Live Wallpapers” among the media apps.

2. Select a Pixel!

3. Add a comment.

4. Hit “Send”!

Explore the App

The moment you launch WOW Pixel – Live Wallpapers, you immediately get to view the latest free wallpapers. Simply swipe left or right to see more!

  • When you come across a “locked” wallpaper, go for a premium membership to download it!

Ready to see what more the app has to offer? Press the “X” button and check out the rest of WOW Pixel!


This is the default tab. Yes, all those live wallpapers that you’ve just viewed are from this tab!

  • Exit from the Last tab to view other categories.


Are you wondering which Pixel Live wallpapers are the most popular? Stop by the Top tab and browse away!


There will always be ones that catch all the attention. Visit the Featured tab and find out which one you find the most adorable!


Do you have a specific Pixel Live wallpaper in mind now? Look through the categories to help you find it easier!

Free Live Wallpapers!

There’s something about pixels that make things look extra charming. What more if they’re moving? WOW Pixel – Live Wallpapers is undeniably promising. If you’re up for everything cute, cool, and fun, then it’s high time to pixelate your screen. Get this app and save the most unique wallpapers ever!