It’s undeniable that Instagram has super cool filters that you may use for your photos and videos. To make it even cooler, Instagram user Johanna Jaskowska created “plastic face” filters that can make you look shiny and gleaming… in an aesthetically pleasing way! Take neat selfies with these free “plastic face” filters and post awesome Instagram Stories!

“Plastic Face” Instagram Story

It’s all about aesthetics. Check out Johanna Jaskowska on Instagram and use her awesome filters!

1. Press the Search button.

2. Type and press “johwska”.

3. Hit the “Follow” button!

4. Go back to your Home page and tap the Camera button.

5. Press the Filter button.

6. Swipe to find Johanna Jaskowksa’s filters!

  • Available filters: Beauty300, 1312, Zoufriya, TURFU, IceVen, and Blast.

7. Choose a filter and then press the Capture button.

  • You may also press and hold to record a video with the filter.

8. Edit your Instagram Story.

  • Save your post, add Stickers, Doodles, or Text! Apply Filters by swiping to the left or right.

9. Tap “Your Story”.

  • You may send your Story to your Close Friends or Send To a specific Instagram user.
  • You have used a plastic face filter!

Gleam, Shine, and Glow

Just when you thought that people on Instagram can’t get any more creative, Johanna Jaskowska drops mind-blowing filters! Have your own Instagram #goals with the free “plastic face” filters and take stunning selfies with your Instagram friends. Keep on following @johwska for updates and new filters! Gleam, shine, and glow on Instagram!