Tired of looking at the same old bland keyboard? There are a lot of ways you could personalize your keyboard but they might take a lot of time. This app will it easier for you to create the keyboard that you have always wanted. Think of a new theme for your keyboard and match it with the overall theme of your phone.  Get creative and have fun personalizing your keyboard with this amazing app.


FancyKey - Keyboard Themes

FancyKey – Keyboard Themes

Activate FancyKey Keyboard

Before you create your own keyboard theme, activate FancyKey first.

1. Go to your Settings.

2. Scroll and tap “General”.

3. Select  “Keyboard”.

  • Tap Keyboards.

4. Press “Add New Keyboard…

  • Choose “FancyKey”.

5. Tap FancyKey to activate it.

  • Toggle to activate the keyboard app.

  • You have activated Fancy-Key Keyboard.

Create your own Keyboard Theme

Have you thought of great keyboard themes? List them up. You might just find the theme you have been looking for here.   

Create New

Tap “+” to create a new theme.

Choose a background

  • You can snap a new photo, choose a photo from your gallery, or unlock some premade icons.

  • Customize the background before further editing. And press “Next” to continue.

Choose a key shape

  • You can also change the Shape, Fill Color, Size, Highlight, Outer Shadow, Texture, Gradient, Stroke, Inner Shadow, Inner Glow, and Outer Glow.

Pick a font style

  • Change the size and color as you like.

Choose your desired “Tap Effect”.

  • Turn on or off the “Key-Press Bubble” Feature.

Pick a Swipe motion style.

Choose a Sound Click.

  • Pick from the tons of different audio clips available.

Save your Creation

Tap “Save” after creating your own keyboard.

  • Name your creation.

  • Tap Save.

  • Once the keyboard theme is saved it will automatically be the theme of your keyboard.

Try it Out!

Check out the effects of your new keyboard. Open an app and start typing!

1. Tap to launch the messenger.

2. Long press the globe icon.

  • Choose the FancyKey Pro.

3. Create a message.

And Send!

Type Fancy

No more white boring keyboard for your phone when you use FancyKey-Keyboard. Create themes that will fit your mood. You can even personalize it. Start typing fancy and feel a little quirky with your awesome keyboard themes!