Music is a go-to escape path and Spotify calls you to walk down the best path. And that is the Premium path! Of course, the free version is good enough, but there’s more that you can do with the app! Do you want to know what you’re missing out? Get to know Spotify Free and Spotify Premium and find out which one can sing your favorites louder!

Spotify Free

Who doesn’t want something that’s for free? Nobody! Especially if it’s about music. Everyone was excited when Spotify launched its FREE version. The number of downloads skyrocketed in no time.

How is it possible that you can listen to hundreds of songs for free? Well…


After playing a song in the app, you need to listen to or watch some ads. These ads support Spotify Free, so you’ll have to bear with them as they pay for the rights of the songs you’re playing. Anyway, they’re only 30 seconds long!


No Offline Mode 

Yes, you can access playlists and listen to songs, but you can’t download them offline. You’ll have to be online to hear your favorite and the latest songs.

  • The Download button is usually found under the “Shuffle Play” button on Spotify Premium.

Low Music Streaming Quality

Since you’re listening for free, you can only experience Low sound quality. It’s a lot different if you could select “Very high,” but as long as your favorite song is playing, it’s not bad!

  • The highest sound quality available for Spotify Free is only 160kbps.

Shuffle Mode

You have to listen to everything in Shuffle mode. Basically, you can’t just choose. But if you’re listening to the app’s personalized playlists, you have a little of bit of freedom to play whichever you want to sing along to next.

  • If you’re playing songs outside Spotify’s playlists, you can use six skips every hour.


You can “Shuffle Play” songs in Spotify Free. You don’t have to pay for anything! But you have to be always online, take pauses with ads, and listen to every song… without skipping six times! Good enough of a deal, isn’t it?


Spotify Premium

Sparing a few cents is quite troublesome and hideous for others. But if you know that you’re paying for something worthy, you might just give out your credit card!  If you’re a music lover, check out what you can do with Spotify Premium…

Affordable Price

When you upgrade to Spotify Premium, you only need to pay $9.99 per month! It’s a bit pricey compared to “Free”, but it’s definitely a great deal!

Ad-free experience

Access up to 35 million songs… without ad interruptions! Play as many songs as you can and your good time will not be paused by an ad. Not even a single time.

Offline Mode

Can’t be online all day? Download your favorite songs and play them offline! Still, no 30-second ad interruptions.


  • You can download up to 3,333 tracks on up to three devices.

High Sound Quality

Premium does magic and improves the songs’ sound quality to 320kbps.

  • “Very high” sound quality can’t be activated when you’re using Spotify Free.


You don’t feel like listening to that party song? Hit the next button as many times as you want to!



Still hesitant to pay? Think about the features and experience! Subscribing to Spotify Premium is like unlocking the locked doors in Spotify Free.


Spot the Difference!

Spotify can be for free but it comes with conditions. So, if you can afford the monthly rate of Spotify Premium, why not subscribe? Free is good, but you can get “better” for a reasonable price. Nevertheless, it’s the music that matters!

Whether you settle with Spotify Free or pay every month for the Premium version, grab your headphones and escape to your happy place! For sure, your music will take you there.