Have you wanted to compliment someone but felt too shy? Time to take those honest thoughts out of the closet! Lipsi can be your key to telling everyone how you feel. And here’s the catch: nobody will know that you’re the one behind the words!




Send an Anonymous Message!

You can use the Lipsi app to message your family, friends, strangers, and even businesses! Leave motivating messages, feedback, or questions. If you have thoughts that you want to let out without revealing yourself, follow these easy steps:

  1. Select a user that you want to send a message to.

  • You may also Search for a person. The results will depend on who is within your vicinity, so take note that the app needs to turn on your GPS!
  1. Compose your message and then press “Send”.

  • You have sent an anonymous message!

  1. Wait for a reply and continue the conversation!

Reveal Yourself

Ready to let your friends know that it was you all along? Easily reveal yourself through these steps:

  1. Press “Reveal Yourself”.

     2. Confirm by tapping “Yes”.

  • You have revealed your identity!

Share a Lipsi Conversation

Received an anonymous message and now your conversation is really going well? Share it with everyone else in Lipsi!

  1. Tap the Share button.

     2. Press “Okay”.

  1. Share your conversation with your Followers or make it public to everyone!

  1. Type a caption.

     5. Press “Share” and then hit “Okay”.

  • You have shared your conversation!

Share your Lipsi Account

Let people know that you’re open for feedback or random messages. Copy your Lipsi link to your other SNS accounts and get the anonymous conversations going!

  1. Go to your Lipsi profile.

  1. Press “Share your link”.

  1. Select “Facebook”.


  • You may also choose other SNS.
  1. Add a caption to your post!

     5. Tap “Next”.

     6. Choose “News Feed”.

  • You may also customize your post’s Privacy Settings or post as “Your Story”.
  • You have posted your Lipsi link on Facebook!

Explore Lipsi

Lipsi is more than just anonymous messages… it’s a social app! Explore it and be entertained by other users’ stories, and even learn from interesting reads!


Your Lipsi experience can be even better than before! Adjust your account’s “Safety Filter”, turn on “Ghost Mode”, or even have a theme for your Lipsi link!


Mark your most interesting conversations and reads with a heart! Find them listed in your Lipsi “Favorites”!


Be bold and strike up virtual conversations with anyone on the app! You’ll soon find yourself having the most fun conversations.

Public Posts

Some people are brave enough to post their Lipsi conversations for everyone to see, and the best ones are on the “Top Posts”! Read the tea from different people all over the app!

Want to be confident enough to reveal your identity? Read up on different articles from tips to great quotes that will surely amp up your confidence!

Anonymous Messaging!

It’s interesting to be anonymous because there’s the mystery.  If you feel like keeping your identity a secret while cheering your friends on, Lipsi can help you! Use the app to have the same friendly space with everyone. And when you’re ready to be known, just reveal yourself! Revel in your anonymity with others!