Ever wanted to have a place where you can share your thoughts without being judged? Then the Trill Project app is the perfect app for you! Express your true self to a supportive and encouraging community!


Trill Project

Trill Project
Developed by : Logical Nonsense LLC.

Share Something!

Want to confess something? Get it off your chest by sharing it with a stranger!

1. Tap the Add button.

2. Select the Text button.

  • You can also post questions and quotes.

3. Write what’s on your mind!

4. Hit the check-mark.

5. Add tags.

  • Do you feel like your post can cause distress on others? Turn on the trigger warning to alert others of the sensitive content.

6. Tap the check-mark.

7. You’ve posted on Trill!

Interact with Others!

Talk to other people on Trill! Let them know that they’re not alone.  

1. TapView Comments.

  • Hit the Clap button if you like their post!

2. Relate to others by leaving a comment!

3. Hit Send.

4. You have posted a comment!

5. Want to talk to others privately? Tap on their profile!

6. Tap the Chat button.

7. Leave them an encouraging message!

Follow Tags!

See what other people are posting by following tags! Find posts that you can relate and give advice to.

1. Tap the Search button.

2. Use the search box to look for tags.

  • You can also choose from the suggested tags.

3. Tap on a tag to see its posts.

4. Hit Follow.

  • You are now following a tag!

Add Others to Trill!

Introduce your friends to Trill! Give them the freedom to express themselves!

1. Tap the  button.

2. Tap the Add a Friend button.

3. SelectInvite a friend directly.

  • You can also send an invite through text!

4. Tap on Messenger.

  • You may also invite your friends through other SNS!

5. Tap the person you want to invite.

6. Hit Send.

  • You have invited your friend to join Trill!

Look Around!

See what makes Trill Project app a safe haven for people!

Join a Community

Be with other like-minded people by joining a community! These small, tight-knit support groups encourage you to share your thoughts and discuss topics you normally wouldn’t talk about with others. All communities are currently full though, so be sure to check from time to time for a new one!   

Crisis Hotlines

The Trill Project app has a special page where there are several crisis hotlines that are just a tap away. The app makes sure that you will get immediate support so don’t be afraid to ask for help!



Instead of using real names, the app maintains your anonymity by letting you choose from a set of colors. You can also change your color anytime!

Express Yourself Freely!

Don’t be afraid to try out the Trill Project app! Immerse yourself in a community where you are accepted, flaws and all. Share your thoughts and feelings no matter how dark they may be. People who feel the same way will give you a lot of support and encouragement. Experience the feeling of validation and acceptance with Trill Project app!