When you started using Waze, you might have noticed that you can see other Wazers near you. Not everyone is comfortable with that. And if you’re one of those people, you don’t need to be scared. Don’t want other Wazers to know your location? Be invisible!

If you have tried surfing the net in incognito mode, you can also do it on Waze. You can drive without leaving a trace to other Wazers. Not everyone knows this invisible feature in this app, so find and use it with these easy steps:

Go Invisible

1. Open Waze.

2. Tap the Menu button.

3. Go to your “Settings”.

4. Swipe up and tap “Privacy settings”.

5. Tap the toggle bar to activate the “Go invisible” feature.

  • If it turns green, it means the invisible feature has been activated!

6. Exit from your “Privacy Settings”.

7. Open the Menu again.

  • You’ve just become invisible… on the maps!

Drive Incognito

It’s normal to get worried about your safety. But don’t let it stop you from using Waze! It’s important to know how to get to your destination safely and avoid the traffic jams. So set yourself invisible on the maps! And if ever your car broke down, just go back to being visible on Waze again and find people who can help. Waze’s features are there for great reasons, but the app can always adjust to your preferences. Have a safe, incognito drive!