Music can make someone feel happy or pensive. It can make someone work or dance. Basically, music brings life to everyone, so it should never be too “far” from anyone! Everyone keeps music on their phones, laptops, and other devices,  and bring it with them everywhere they go. Just one tap on “Play” and all is well…

But what if your music streaming service provider doesn’t know how much you need music in your life? You deserve to be always updated. Recommended songs should be tailored to your favorites, and you should be connected with other music fans, too! Looking for that kind of music streaming perfection? Check these apps  out:



More and more listeners subscribe to Spotify everyday. Aside from streaming millions of tracks to listen to, you can also enjoy other features. Curious? Try it out yourself!  

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Developed by : Spotify Ltd.


Spotify Free has an ad-supported feature. Even if you don’t subscribe to Premium, you can still listen to that Cardi B song. You can listen to pre-shuffled albums and playlists for free. Don’t worry, you’ve got six chances to skip songs. It’s your favorite album anyway. Skipping won’t be a problem!


If you’re a Premium subscriber, you can easily download songs for offline streaming.  From 3,333 tracks, you can now download 10,000 tracks on each device. And you can stream on up to 5 devices! You can basically hoard 50,000 tracks on your music library.

Music Discovery

Spotify monitors the tracks that you always play or the artists and albums that you follow. Keep that song on repeat and Spotify will soon put that song on your very own playlist. Also, it remembers the songs that you always skip. Spotify’s algorithm creates a personalized playlist just for you! Obviously, you and your taste in music matter.


Amazon Music Unlimited

Do you want to experience going hands-free with Alexa? Tell Alexa how you’re feelin’ and the song you wanna listen to!

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Amazon Music Unlimited

Amazon Music Unlimited
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Go Echo

Amazon  Music Unlimited has a subscription type called “Echo Plan.” First, download Amazon Alexa on your iPhone, personalize the settings, and you can start chatting with Alexa.

“Echo Plan” lets you play music with Amazon Alexa app for $4 per month. No taps and type, just tell Alexa to prepare your music library and play the next song. It’s like having your own DJ!



Will you be out of town for a few days? You better pack your music library with you! Download all the songs you want for offline listening to your Amazon-registered devices. Sky’s the limit! And guess what? You can store your massive library on up to ten devices! There will surely be no boring moment during your trip.

Apple Music

Do you want a free trial for more than just one month? Good news! Apple Music offers free trial for three months.

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Apple Music

Apple Music
Developed by : Apple

Apple Music has an extensive library of 45M songs. It also offers exclusive streaming for some music videos. Feeling nostalgic? Apple Music curated music videos from today back to the 80s. Listen to millions of songs plus your entire iTunes library and watch music videos with zero ads.


Social Interaction

Follow your favorite artists to keep you updated. They actively post updates on Apple Music. You can be the first one to know about their upcoming album! Of course, a fan never wants to miss out on anything. You wouldn’t pass on the opportunity to know what your favorite artist is up to, right? Apple Music gets you!


Google Play Music

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Google Play Store

Google Play Store
Developed by : Google, Inc.

YouTube Red Bonus

Who doesn’t like listening to music and watching music videos without any interruptions? When you subscribe to Google Play Music, you also get YouTube Red! You’ll get an ad-free experience in both music and video streaming. You’ll also access additional free content from YouTube Red.


The tracks that you download will be directly sent to your collection. Google Play Music reads and classifies the tracks that you have on your local device. It can recommend songs for you based on those pre-saved tracks. You can also play your Google Play Music collection via any speaker or TV with built-in Chromecast.



Who Can Play your Music Best?

A day won’t feel right without songs. Music streaming service providers help you build your library. They store your collection on many devices, and recommend new songs that may soon be your favorites. Spotify, Amazon Music Unlimited, Apple Music, and Google Play Music can be your next music librarians!

Spotify plays music for free! You can opt to use the free version forever. Spotify is also popular because of its Spotify Premium “Download Offline” feature. You can keep 10,000 tracks in one device. And it is also recorded having the best algorithm. And algorithms? Spotify is clearly the most competitive one!

Wanna fancy a cup of morning tea with Alexa? Amazon Music Unlimited can play any song on your music library using all-voice control! You don’t need to tap on your phone and browse for that song… because Alexa can do it for you.

If you’re crazed over artists and bands, you should try Apple Music. It’s quite a secret that artists are more active on Apple Music. They post new songs and announcements there! Apple Music also has the largest library and archive. You want endless choices of songs and music videos? Apple Music can give you a hand.

Google Play Music can give a grand bonus! When you install it, you can also get YouTube Red. It’s a get one, take one promo for those who love music videos as much as the songs themselves. Google Play Music also plays tricks to recommend songs that are compatible with what’s already on your device! An all-around music librarian indeed.

Discover an experience music streaming perfection with the best. Remember to choose the one that will sing along with you however you’re feeling! Whenever you feel like dancing, tap that “Play” button on your music streaming provider. And the day already feels right.