Whether you have a business or you’re just the type to want to express yourself to the public, creating a Facebook Page is the right way to go! It’s one of the fastest ways to get people interested in what you do. You also get to interact immediately with your audience. Time for you to make a Facebook Page!

Make Your Page

Create a Facebook Page to connect with the public. You can make a page about your business, brand, organization, or even your favorite celebrity!

1. Go to Options.

2. Select “Pages”.

3. Tap “Create Page”.

4. Hit “Get Started”.

5. Name your page and then tap “Next”.

6. Choose the category…

   And subcategory of your page.

  • Hit “Next” when you’re done.

7. Add a link to your website.

  • You may tap “Skip” to proceed.

8. Add a profile picture…

  • Move and scale your photo, and then tap “Done” when you’re finished.

9. Hit “Next”.

10. Add a cover photo to your page…

  • Drag to move your cover photo, and then tap “Save” when you’re done.

11. Hit “Visit Page”.

  • You have created your page!

Promote Your Page

Let others know about your page! Help spread the word about it by following these steps:

1. Invite your friends to like your page.

  • Hit “Invite”.

  • You can also link other groups to your page.

2. Write your first post…

   And hit “Continue”.

3. Tap “Publish”.

  • You may schedule when the post will be published.

  • You may boost your page for a fee to reach more people!

  • You have posted on your page!

4. See what’s happening on your page through the Activity tab.

  • You can also view your page as a guest by tapping “View As”.

5. Gain more likes and promote your page on Facebook!

  • Tap “Promote” to pay for Facebook’s Ad Services.

  • “Add a Button” lets you add in a link to your website or app.


Connect to A Wider Audience!

Nowadays it is easier to spread the word online than it is in real life. And when you want to let others know about something, creating a page on Facebook is the best way to get them to see it. Use Facebook’s Page feature to inform and promote to the masses!