Sometimes, it can be difficult for others to get to know you better. But with Lipsi, it will be so much easier for them to reach out to you anonymously! All they have to do is click your Lipsi link on your SNS accounts. And since first impressions count, make a good one by customizing your Lipsi link page!



Developed by : Lipsi, LTD.

Add Your Personal Touch!

Show them who you are by adding a personal touch to your Lipsi link page! Launch the app and follow these steps:

Add a Question

Have your link visitors get to know you better! Add a question on your page for them to answer!

1. Open your Profile.

2. Swipe up and then tap “Edit your Lipsi Link”.

3. Type a question.

    • The changes will automatically reflect on your link page.

4. Once you are happy with your question, tap the back icon to return to your profile.

Add a Theme

Show your individuality by personalizing your link page!

1. Tap “Theme your Lipsi Link”.

2. Choose a theme!

    • Available theme categories: Classic, Cute, and Fun.
    • You may also purchase other themes.

3. Press “Select”.

    • You have edited your Lipsi link page!

Make a good first impression!

Make it easier for others to reach you through your Lipsi link page! With your personalized touches, you can put your best foot forward in meeting and getting to know people. Go ahead and make a great first impression with other Lipsi users!