Instagram users usually access the app on their smartphones and other devices. Of course, Instagram’s features and services are available in the phone app. But for those who want to view their profiles like they’re “photo blogs”, Instagram is also available for PCs. Whether it’s in Windows or Mac, you can certainly use respective browsers.

Instagram is Instagram, but how does it look like and function in Windows and Mac? Are there differences? Use Instagram in Google Chrome for Windows and Safari for Mac, and find out which browser you are more comfortable with!

Instagram on Google Chrome for Windows

The Instagram app in smartphones is way different from the Instagram website on Chrome. When using this browser for Windows, the main features available are the basics: browsing, sending likes, and posting comments. You may also change your settings through the website!

Logging In

Log in to

Like in the app, you may also log in with Facebook.

Get to Know Instagram on Chrome

With Google Chrome, you will not be able to post photos or videos, but you can still keep yourself posted with your friends’ posts. Basically, you can browse through posts, “like” them, and post comments. From the homepage, you will see the available basic features.

Like in the smartphone app, you can search for interesting posts and Instagram users. You will also receive notifications for likes, new followers, etc.

And of course, you can visit your own profile and see it like it’s your own photo blog! You may apply changes in the settings and check your Following and Followers status.

Although you cannot post an Instagram Story through the browser, you can still keep up with the updates. The feature is available on Instagram on Chrome, but only for viewing.

Browsing, Liking, and Posting Comments

The number of things you can do on Instagram on Chrome is quite limited. But if you just want to view posts and visit popular profiles, Chrome is more than enough! Just scroll down to view the latest posts and the ones you missed.

There’s not much difference in sending likes and posting comments from the smartphone app. If you come across a post that you find interesting, just click the heart button to send a like.

If you want to leave a comment, just type on the comment box and hit Enter to send!

You may share some posts to your other social media accounts, or save them!

View Instagram Stories

As mentioned earlier, it’s impossible to post an Instagram Story, but you can view them! Beside the posts and under the profile button, the list of the latest posted Instagram Stories can be found. Simply click and watch!

Just click to the right or left to view other Stories.

Search and Explore!

There are two ways to find interesting posts and Instagram users: Search or Explore. You can directly type a name, username, or a #hashtag on the Search bar and you will immediately see suggestions.

Click a suggestion or press Enter and you will find all the related posts.

When you click on a specific post, you can also send a like, post a comment, or save the post itself. If you want to follow the user for more interesting photos or videos, you may also click “Follow” beside the username.

Another way to find random posts and users is through the Explore page.

You will “Discover People” that you might want to follow, and see posts that might be related to your interests.

From this page, you can view and follow different profiles.

Check Notifications

Notifications from your Instagram on your mobile device will still be reflected on the website version. If you have new followers and likes, and if the people you follow updated their posts, you will be notified accordingly.

From this dropdown box, you can also follow and unfollow users, and visit other profiles.

Check and Edit your Profile

The settings available in the mobile version of Instagram are also accessible in the browser. If you click the profile icon, your Instagram profile will look like a photo blog.

You can also view your own posts, and most importantly, you can change your settings.

Just like with the Instagram Stories in the homepage, you can view your own Instagram Highlights.

Above your actual posts, you can access the IGTV, Saved posts, and Tagged tabs.

If you want to edit your profile, click “Edit Profile” and the available options will be shown. You can change your profile picture, profile name, username, etc. You will also be allowed to change your password, set the authorized applications, and email and SMS settings. Managing contacts, disabling your account, and setting up privacy and security are also possible.

You may also click the “Settings” button beside the “Edit profile” to access some of these options.

Of course, checking your followers and the users you follow is also allowed. From the lists that will show up, you can follow and unfollow, and visit the users’ profiles.

Instagram on Safari for Mac

Safari as a browser is a game-changer. Well, Mac itself has its own strengths as a software. With Instagram involved, Safari absolutely has an advantage. The basics are also present, but the fact that you can post is a great plus!

Setting Up Safari Browser in iPhone Configuration

1. From the browser’s homepage, click “Develop”.

2. Check out the options from “User Agent”, and click “Safari—iOS 11.0—iPhone”.

3. Log in to

Explore the Interface

By setting up the iPhone configuration, Instagram on Safari will have the similar look of Instagram on your mobile device. Compared to the Google Chrome Windows version, the Instagram Stories come first before the posts.

The main tabs that you can see at the bottom of your mobile device when launching Instagram are also visible in the Safari version.

Since the mobile and browser interfaces look the same, you might feel more comfortable to browse with Safari. You can also view Stories, and scroll and check posts. As mentioned, you can also post photos. There are differences on how it works in the mobile device and browser versions, but your photos can really reach your followers.

Upload, Edit and Post a Photo

Instagram started allowing landscape and portrait photos in 2015. At first, users were disappointed because the app was known for the square photos. But they eventually embraced the update and even used it as much as the square feature. Unfortunately, this feature is only available for portrait photos in the PC version.


1. From the homepage, click on the “Add new post” button.

2. Search and select a photo from your device.

3. Scroll down to change the size or rotate the photo.

  • The default tab will be the “Edit” tab.

  • Like in the mobile version, you can post the photo with its original size or have it cropped into a square. You may also rotate it.

4. Click the “Filter” tab.

5. Choose and click a filter.

  • Unlike in the mobile version, you cannot adjust the applied filter. Also, just press the arrow keys to view all the available filters.

6. Click “Next”.

7. Type in a caption.

8. Press “Share”.

  • Posted!


You may also upload landscape photos in the PC version, but they will be automatically cropped.

You can use or apply the same editing features.

It might look like the size of the photo has been maintained while you’re applying different filters, but the resize and rotate buttons are not there for alterations.

After typing a caption and clicking “Share”, the photo will be posted on the homepage and in your feed.

Once it is posted, you will see that it has been cropped and there is no available feature to change it. Either way, your photo will contribute to your #FeedGoals!

View Instagram Stories

The Instagram Stories in Safari comes before the Instagram posts in the homepage. Just like when browsing in Chrome, you can just click on the users to view their Story.

There is also a camera button at the top-left, so you might think that it’s possible to post an Instagram Story.

When you click it, you will find this text at the bottom-center of the screen:

Basically, posting Instagram Stories is not allowed in this browser. In the meantime, enjoy the freedom to post as many photos as you want!

Your Instagram Feed in Safari

Like when you use Chrome to browse through Instagram, you can also apply changes in Safari. You can access your Instagram Highlights and edit your profile. Most probably, the only difference between profiles in Chrome and in Safari is the IGTV tab before your posts.

In Safari, you will only find the Posts, Saved, and Tagged tabs.

Keeping Up with the Instagram Technology

We are always keeping up with the never-ending development of technology. App creators are continuously competing in terms of services, and Instagram, we’ve come from “being available only in mobile devices” to “posting photos from the PC”!

Instagram for both Windows and Mac have excellent individual interface, and the basics are most importantly functional in both. One important feature available on the mobile version is the Direct Message. Sadly, you cannot check, receive, and send direct messages to other followers in the PC versions. The features may be limited, but that will not stop you from enjoying what Instagram can offer. Compare and contrast the two browsers:

Windows and Mac have their individual strengths and weaknesses. Some users are more comfortable with the sleek Mac software, while others feel more at home with Windows. Regarding Instagram for PC, some features are available in Chrome but are absent in Safari. But the Mac version’s greatest edge is the possibility of posting photos.

Instagram in Chrome is convenient, but since Instagram is mostly about expressing through photos, Safari is in the advantage. Although posting photos also has limits, the fact that you can upload files from your PC to Instagram is already an extra mile. And with these developments, we can say that Instagram has already gone far and that greater updates are definitely coming!