Do you often use public transportation? Then you must be familiar with the hassles of rush hours or sudden onset of traffic. With Google Maps’ Commute feature, you can improve your public transport experience by a mile – both figuratively and literally! Discover alternate routes, know the real-time traffic flow, and many more!


Google Maps - Transit & Food

Google Maps – Transit & Food
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Commuting on a daily basis? Speed up your travel time from work to home and vice versa with Google Maps’ Commute feature!

  1. Go to Commute.

     2. Choose your destination.

  • Choose between “To home” and “To work”.

     3. Tap the Map button.

     4. Select a map type.

  • MAPS: Default, Satellite, Terrain.

     5. Choose your map details.

  • MAP DETAILS: Transit, Traffic, Biking.

     6. Pick the fastest route!

  • You can see details such as traffic information and even your E.T.A.!
  • You may also choose an alternate route.

     7. Tap “Start”.

  • You have launched Navigation!

Improve Your Commute Data

Knowing the state of your commutes beforehand is a convenience you wouldn’t have…until now! Tailor your Commute information to your personal travel details and get accurate updates on street flow conditions!

     1. Tap the More Options button.

     2. Choose “Commute Settings”.

     3. Tap “How you commute”.

     4. Choose your usual mode of transportation…

And press “Done”.

     5. Tap “Route to work”.

     6. Choose your route to work.

  • You may also customize your directions to work by tapping “Build your own route”!

  • Once you’ve selected your route, press “Done”.

     7. Tap “Route to home”.

     8. Choose your route home and then press “Done”.

  • You may also make your own route!

     9. Tap “Commute times”.

   10. Add your usual commute times…

And hit “Done”.

   11. Turn on your commute notifications and enable Google Maps to use your Location History.

  • You have improved your Commute information!

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No more surprise traffic for you! Be in control, even when taking the public transport system! Swerve towards the best routes everyday and get to work or home without any delay. With Google Maps’ Commute feature, you’ll always look forward to your next commute experience!