Nobody wants to get left behind the buzz, the trend, and the latest news. Many opt to catch up through watching easy-access videos online. One of today’s most popular video-sharing website and application is Youtube.

Youtube offers an almost unlimited number of videos for entertainment, information, and a lot more! But what if you go to a place without any internet connection? Youtube has a gift for you! You can now watch your videos anytime, anywhere!

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Install the App.

Direct Link—Youtube: Watch, Listen, Stream

Youtube: Watch, Listen, Stream

Youtube: Watch, Listen, Stream
Developed by: Google, Inc.

1. Open the Youtube app.

2. Tap “Sign In”.

3. Choose from the accounts already logged into your Gmail.

  • Or tap “Add Account” if you want to sign in to another Google account.

Once logged in, you can now start searching for videos.

Download Videos!

1. Search the videos you want to watch offline. Tap on the search button and type in a title or keyword.

2. Tap the video you want to watch.

3. Check if the video is available for download. Look for  below the video title.

  • The download button will be grayed out if the video is not available for download.

4. If the video is available for download, tap the download button.

5. Choose the download quality and then tap “OK”.

  • Tick “Remember my settings” to allow Youtube to remember your preference.

6. Once finished, the download button will change to .

Check Your Downloads!

1. Go to the Library tab.

2. Under the Available offline panel, you will see how many videos you’ve downloaded.

3. Tap on it to see the downloaded videos.

  • Videos will only be available offline for 29 days after download.

Binge Watch!

Turn that WiFi connection off and you’ll still get to watch your favorite videos! Save videos so you’ll always have something to watch. Whether you’re in a long queue at Starbucks or just waiting to fall asleep in your bed, have something to keep you entertained. Binge watching is now possible… even when you’re offline!