Soundcloud is undeniably one of the hippest music apps out there. It allows you to listen to a wide variety of genres—indie, pop, RnB, hiphop, etc. You can look up songs using the search feature and play them as many times as you want! You can also create a playlist of your personal favorites, 90s mixtape style! Here’s how:


Create your own playlist!

  1. Tap  to start the app.
  2. Tap the Search button.
  3. Start looking for tracks you want to add to your playlist. Enter the song title, the artist’s name, or any genre on the search bar.
  4. Select a track from the search results by tapping the options button.
  5. Tap “Add to playlist”.

  6. Soundcloud will create a brand new playlist. The cover art of your first track on the playlist will be the default playlist cover. Tap “New private playlist” to rename your playlist.
  7. Tap “Done”.


Add more tracks!

Now that you’ve created your own playlist, you can start adding your other favorites!

Just look them up on the search bar.

Tap the options button.

Tap “Add to playlist”.

Tap the playlist you want to add them to.

  • You may also create another playlist by tapping the + button.

And… done!

View Your Playlist!

Check out your playlist by tapping the Collections button.

Tap “Playlist & albums”.

There you have it!


You can choose to change the order of your tracks or remove unwanted ones.

Just tap the playlist you want to edit.

Tap the options button.

Tap “Edit playlist”.

Remove tracks


To remove tracks, tap the  button.

Tap “Remove”.

The track is now removed.

Rearrange tracks

To change the order of the tracks, tap the options button.

Tap “Edit playlist”.

Tap  , and drag the track to your desired order.

Share it to the world!

By default, your playlist is set to private. Change this by tapping the options button.

Tap “Make playlist public”.

To share on your other social media apps, tap the options button again.

Tap “Share”.

Select the app where you want to share it. Let’s try Facebook.

Caption it!

Hit “Post”!

Soundcloud Playlist: A Digital Mixtape

Creating and sharing your own playlist is definitely one of the exciting things you can do on Soundcloud. So go ahead, make a playlist of your current music influences, your guilty pleasures, or your all-time favorites, and let the rest of the world hear it!