Want your friends’ thoughts on an outfit? Perhaps you’re wondering if they’ve seen anything good playing in theaters. If you need a quick opinion on something, you can now run a Q&A through Instagram Stories! Add a question sticker to your story and your viewers can easily respond by typing an answer!

Ask a Question!

Connect with your followers like never before with Instagram Questions! Follow these steps to compose a question for your Instagram Story:

  1. Tap the Camera.

  1. Take a photo or video.

  1. Tap the Stickers button.

  1. Choose the “QUESTIONS” sticker.

  1. Edit the text to ask a question!

  1. Hit “Done”.

  • You have added a question sticker to your Instagram Story!

  • Pinch, drag, and adjust the question like any other sticker!

  1. Add the question to “Your Story”!

  • You may also send the question to your Close Friends or Send To specific users.
  • You have posted a Question on your Instagram Story!

View and Share Responses!

Check your Instagram friends’ responses to your question!

  1. Tap “Your Story”.

  1. Hit “View responses.”.

  1. Tap on a response.

  1. Hit “Share Response”.

  • The response will be added to your story as a sticker!

  1. Edit your story to reply how you want!

  • You may download, add filters, insert stickers, mute, doodle, or add texts.
  1. Hit “Your Story” to post the reply!

  • You may also post the reply to your Close Friends or Send To specific users.
  • You’ve posted the reply on Your Story!

Ask Away!

Instagram has never been more fun and interactive with Questions! Use the Question sticker to ask your followers’ opinions, whether it be about a movie you want to watch or a meal you want to eat.  Connect with your friends by starting a Q&A on your Instagram Stories!