When you’re out on a vacation, you need a tourist guide. They will lead you to the best restaurants or tourist spots. But these days, you can simply install an online map! Looking for the best? Waze has it all!

Directions, gasoline stations, and of course, food chains! Waze will tell you the way, and you can change your Waze guide into a he or a she. To make it even more fun, you can use your own voice and hear yourself give directions. Ready to customize your online tourist guide? Follow these easy steps:

Waze Guide Voice Choices

  1. Tap the speaker icon.

  1. Press “Voice directions”.

  1. Scroll down to view all available guide voices.

  1. Choose the guide voice that you like the most.

  • Nathan will be giving you a tour tonight!

Use Your Own Voice

  1. Press “Record new voice”.

  • Waze wants to keep you safe while you’re on the road. Record your voice clearly. Hit “Got it”.

  1. Go to your Settings to allow Waze to use your microphone.

  • Turn on Microphone access.


  1. Press “Name your voice”.

  1. Key in your name and hit “Done”.


  • You have named your voice.

Record your Waze Guide Voice

  1. Tap the record button.

  1. Hit the record button again and read the direction!

  • Recording…

  • You have recorded your voice!

  • To preview the recording, just tap the play button.


  • Wanna record one more time? Just tap the bin and “Delete”.


  1. When you’re done, don’t forget to save!

  • You have saved your own Waze guide voice.

Add More Voice Clips

  1. Tap the Edit button.

      2. Press the record button to add more clips!

Share your Waze Voice

You can also guide your friends with  your voice. Let them hear you give the right directions!

  1. Press the share icon.

  1. Tap “Share” to confirm.

  1. Select an SNS.

  1. Select a recipient.

  • Your recipient can download your voice and use it on his/her Waze app.
  1. Hit “Send”.

  • You have shared your Waze Voice!

Follow your Voice!

Waze already makes the journey better and more convenient, but having a Waze guide is having the best company. Why not let your own voice guide you? You can be a tourist and a guide at the same time! Trust your voice and get to your destination faster and with less hassle. Ready for a new adventure? Make your own guide and have a fun and safe trip!