Everybody has their own embarrassing photos and videos clips from years ago. If you have uploaded them on Instagram, your followers can always view them anytime. Eek! Take those old posts down and work on your #FeedGoals with IG Cleaner!


Cleaner for IG

Cleaner for IG
Developed by : Neagu Robert PFA

Delete Multiple Posts

Let’s say you only want your best posts to be on your account. You can delete those photos and videos that do not really fit into your feed goals with these easy steps:

1. Launch IG Cleaner and tap “Media”.

2. Choose the posts you want to delete.

3. Press “Actions”.

4. Select “Delete”.

Clean Up!

Free your IG feed from boring posts with IG Cleanup. Simply select and delete! Build up your aesthetically-pleasing feed and update your posts every now and then.